The Babylon Project: Rise of Kronos


The darkest deeds often happen in plain sight; the harshest truths sound like lies…

Battered by the whirlwind of other people’s emotions, Kailani Reed hides away from everyone except her close friend – and forbidden crush – Hideo Tanaka, her handler at the Seattle Police Department. Hired for her unique abilities, she just wants to keep her head down and do her job. So when a high-profile case draws the attention of the Feds, Kailani wants out. But the agents running the show have other plans.

Maela Driscoll, a quirky American postgrad in London, spends her days buried in books. To make ends meet, she takes part in a psychoactive drug trial – with unforeseen and dramatic side-effects. After witnessing a brutal murder, she is forcibly recruited by MI5 agent Emlyn Ryder, who has no intention of letting her new and unusual gift slip through his fingers.

When the body count starts to mount on both sides of the Atlantic, MI5 and the Feds realize the cases are linked, through a shadowy organization known as Kronos. But what does Kronos want? And can Maela and Kailani figure it out before it’s too late?


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