The Babylon Project: Gates of Tartarus


Light may drive out the darkness but can also cast shadows; the sweetest lies can sound like truth.

With their best lead on Kronos eliminated, Babylon is back to square one. In Seattle, Kailani and her team turn to James Tennireef’s old employer to help snare the slippery lawmaker. At least gentle giant Lachlainn Baird provides some relief from the dead ends and dysfunctional dynamics. In London, at MI5, Maela continues to track an elusive criminal she’s only seen from afar. The task isn’t made any easier when she is thrown into training with ex royal marine Seef Arend, who takes an instant dislike to her. As tensions increase on both sides of the Atlantic, unexpected shifts begin to occur. Foes become friends; answers become questions; and chess pieces fall in a game that turns deadly.


Not supplied by author.


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