My heroes weighed the fate of the world against their love and chose me. 

The gods are a shadow, shrouding my fate in darkness. With one snap of her fingers, Athena turned my life upside down, and now I have to decide…


Or fight?

Whatever choice I make, I won’t be alone.

Pollux, Achilles, Hector, Paris, and Orestes have fought the gods before. Because of these five heroes, the Greek gods are trapped, and humans are free from their interference.

But the creatures who view us as toys aren’t giving up easily. They want out, and they want their power back. 

My curse stands between them and freedom, and now I’m caught in the crosshairs of a war that began long ago. 

Lines will be crossed and fates sealed. 

And I will use everything I am, and everything I was made, to protect the men I love.


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