They came from another world to protect her. Now it’s her destiny to save them…

Tori King is a normal senior in high school. Head over heels in love with her childhood sweetheart, she is busy making plans for college when a chance encounter with an alien bounty hunter turns her world upside down. Now, she’s experiencing terrifying changes and developing supernatural abilities that leave her questioning her entire existence.

Then the arrival of four hot new guys at school has everyone talking—especially when they become fixated on Tori, following her wherever she goes. She can’t shake them off, and as they grow closer, she finds herself drawn to all four of them in ways she cannot explain.

When they finally reveal their true identity, and why they’re here for her, she discovers everything she thought she knew about herself is a lie.

Because there is nothing normal about Tori King.

And she’s about to discover exactly how underrated normal is.


He messes the top of my hair, and wispy strands wander into my eyes, tickling me.”Just leave the serious stuff to the pros and go back to what you do best. Organizing fun days out, dancing, doing your hair, teasing Coop, torturing your boyfriend, etcetera, etcetera.”

Red heat swamps me, and I angrily brush matted strands of hair back off my face.”Don’t be such an ass! I came in here to see if I can help, but there’s no need to make fun of me.”

He laughs bitterly. “Help? Are you for real?” He glares at me, but I don’t back down, glaring right back at him. “All you’ve done since we found you is mess everything up. You have my brothers in some kind of awestruck tizzy, half the town is talking about us and wondering who we are and where we’ve come from,you’re fucking with the connection and it’s affecting our gifts, and every enemy bounty hunter in the galaxy is preparing to strike.”

“Don’t hold back or anything.” I plant my hands on my hips, attempting to dampen the hurt piercing my chest.

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