There’s a price for everything.

Forty years ago, Wren was attacked by King Talon the day after their wedding. She fled and was lost at sea…and then found by an ancient being, who saved her with his blood.

The price for her life? Someday, the monster will return to claim it.

Now, she’s become the mysterious Ankelsang, the Angel of Blood who protects the vulnerable. But who will protect her? On the same day, she discovers her best friend is a spy for the leviathan, her worthless husband comes to bring her home, and the leviathan itself appears. They all want her heart.

Only, some of them may want to consume it.

When the Warlord of Starlak sets a trap to lure Wren to his lands, the kings and creatures who are drawn to her will have the chance to show their worth, and earn her love.

But the price may be far higher than any of them suspect.

Following events after The Assassin’s Promise, The Leviathan’s Debt is the first half of Wren’s saga, and ends in a cliffhanger. This book has multiple love interests, spicy scenes, violence, and references to past assault.


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