I have three amazing boyfriends, but now I’m dreaming about the new student at the academy – the kind of dreams that leave me burning and panting. I don’t want to ruin what Skye, Erritt, Harper, and I have worked so hard to build, so I need to get rid of this problem named Taron. The problem is, he’s irresistible.
I thought all my memories came back, but it seems there’s still a piece missing. What exactly happened when the Davinas took me prisoner?

The answer might be the key to unraveling this mess…and saving our lives. Because armies are marching and they’re not the only ones trying to destroy us all.



I stand rooted in place, trying to understand how the student Erritt’s escorting away manifested out of my wet dreams. Just a couple of hours ago this same hulking man was pressing kisses to my metaphysical throat, and now he’s here in real life.

Even the strange compulsion that drove me to come outside in the middle of my breakfast feels surreal.

My stomach fizzes like soda water as I watch them walk to the office. I shouldn’t have let anyone touch my hand, let alone kiss it, but his familiar gray eyes held me like I was in a trance, because I couldn’t believe he was standing right in front of me.

“Let’s go,” Harper says, resting his hand gently against my lower back, as close as we dare get to an embrace in public.

“Sure,” I murmur. I lean into the touch, lost in thought as I watch the burly new student disappear into the administration building, Erritt treading regally beside him.

Am I going crazy and imagining things? How could I possibly dream about a stranger who then turns up at the academy on the same day? Just the memory of his hands sliding down my thighs in my dream, and the way his broad shoulders blocked the sunlight as he hovered over me has my blood running hot and I press a hand to my flushed cheek.

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