One human stranded in another realm. Two mortal enemies who can’t stay away from her. One secret that could destroy them all.

I escape from my kidnappers through a doorway only to find myself stranded in another world. As if having an undiagnosable heart condition wasn’t hard enough, now I’m out of the frying pan and into the fire. Even worse, this new realm is inhabited by shapeshifting beings I thought only existed in legend. Did I mention they’re racists bastards with a dumb hierarchy that ends with humans?
I want to stay as far away as possible from their literal ice prince, Erritt, who has a stick up his ass, but he keeps involving himself in my business. Around here, his word is law. Which is really bad news for the dragon he likes to torment. The dragon who has my heart fluttering, but blows hot and cold on me.
But then I stumble on Prince Erritt’s secret. Now my life is on the line, because he’ll do anything to protect it.

We dragons are hated. Despised after an uprising three hundred years ago that no one, especially not the Exerin royal family, will forget. I thought I was okay with the status quo, until a human who doesn’t belong here shows up, seeing through me with those wide hazel eyes and asking uncomfortable questions. Despite her pathetic frailness, she’s dangerous, because she has something stirring inside of me. Something that was supposed to stay asleep. Enchanted, I can’t stay away. But any association with me puts her in danger. Especially after HE lays claim to her.

Duty, honor, obedience. My whole life is dedicated to the royal crown of Exerin. I’ve reconciled with my golden prison fate. Then the human shows up.
She’s pathetic, and defenseless and beneath me. So why can’t I ignore her? Thoughts of her invade my every moment, no matter how hard I try to keep her at arms length. But when she discovers my life and death secret, everything changes.


I put my hand against the opal dome–it stings my fingers a little but doesn’t budge. Am I really touching something magical? My knees feel a bit weak. I look back at the guy and find his blue eyes are pinning me in place again. I feel like a butterfly on a cork board. I clench my teeth, trying to break free of his intensity.

“Uh, can you let me out?” I nod at my prison wall.

“Erritt,” he says in his quiet rumble.


“My name is Lord Erritt.”

“Oh, sorry. Erritt, could you please let me out.”

His face never changes from its marble-chiseled serious look, but the wall dissolves when he lifts two fingers like a papal blessing.


I grab the empty mug, which miraculously hadn’t broken on the grass when I dropped it, and swing away without another look. Shit, I almost died for the second time in two days. I feel a slight quiver in my hands, but I clench my fingers tightly into my blouse hem. I’m a freaking survivor. It will take more than a bitch with a shitty attitude to take me down.

What about that princely fellow? Would I let him take me down? My stride slows, and I force a swallow down my suddenly dry mouth. Sure, he was handsome as a marble angel, but what was it he called humans? A pitiful race not worth a second glance? I snort, straightening my shoulders.

Definitely time for lunch.

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