My name is Ava and I’m a human stranded on another world — that’s about all I can remember. The rebels called Davinas hunted me down and broke my mind, and now I have holes in my memory. Except for the one where the interrogator said she wanted to use me as bait. But for who, or what?

I don’t know who they are, but Prince Erritt, Skye and Harper look at me like I’m something to eat, and I’m having strange dreams. A night out to enjoy the New Year’s festival in the capital city should be just the thing to lift my spirits, but everything goes wrong the moment Prince Erritt gets summoned to the palace.

One of the guys circling me will make a move and break everything. But maybe we need a little more breaking before we can be whole.



I ache and tremble all over by the time Skye finally releases me an hour later. I’ve dumped so much adrenaline through a dozen partial drownings, I’m surprised I haven’t had a heart attack.

“You’re a real live nightmare, you know that?” I hiss at him from where I lie collapsed on the bank.

“Does that translate to ‘thank you’ in human? Cos I know you got a grasp of your qi that time.”

“No. I’m still pissed at you.”

He snorts. “You’re welcome. Consider it a New Year’s gift.”

He splashes as he gets out of the water and I watch as he hauls his long silver form onto the dry ground, mane limp and dripping. I want to look away as his body folds in on itself to become human, but something compels me to watch. It makes more sense why he’s so heavy, seeing this transformation as he slowly shrinks. I also can’t help but remember his incredible stamina when we hunted for Ava.

Once back in human form, he stretches out his back, standing stark naked poolside without a care in the world. Shit, the damn exhibitionist has gotta be over ten inches—not that I’m looking, but I hope he’s kept that monster away from Ava.

Holding in a groan, I heave myself off the ground and squeeze the excess water from my thick curls.

Skye approaches, leveling me with his dark-brown eyes. “So, you’re mad, huh? Do you know how dragons solve their differences, rogue?” Something in his focused expression hooks into me in a way that’s entirely too predatory. The hairs on the back of my neck bristle as I shake my head.

He drapes his wiry arm around my bare shoulder. “We fight and then”—he brushes his face close to my ear—“we fuck.”

I can’t help twitching, knowing his naked body is so close to me.

He snickers wickedly. “At the end of the day, we all go home happy and knowing each other a little better.” He moves past me, trailing his hand leisurely across my shoulders. “Think about it.”

A shiver runs down my spine. Did I just get propositioned by a guy? A dragon guy? What the actual hell? I turn to grab my things and get a shock. My spine’s not the only affected part of me. I grimace. Why the fuck would my cock respond to another guy? It must be a warrior testosterone thing—after all, I’ve spent the morning hovering on death’s door. Yeah, that’s bound to get the blood pumping, I just didn’t notice before.

Doesn’t change the fact he’s an ass. “Is that before or after you eat wild python for breakfast?” I yell at his retreating back. I won’t let him mess with me or have the last word.

“Both.” His maddening chuckle floats over his shoulder.

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