Removing a demonic threat? She might be able to handle that.
Keeping her hands off her four exquisite teammates? Not so much.

Tate Spencer’s biggest problem isn’t that she’s dead. In fact, at the moment, getting ripped from her comatose body and thrust into an in-between afterworld is the least of her many worries.

The biggest being the smoking hot Angel of Death guarding her every move as she sets out to rid the Sexy Sins Afterlife Retreat of an incubus invasion.

Right, she’ll get right on that.

Or not. Maybe she’ll get on one of her other three hunky bodyguards instead because they seem to think death definitely becomes her. . .

But before things can heat up, she discovers another challenge she’s not sure she’s ready for. Becoming the mate of all four of her gorgeous supernaturals.

Yeah, she may be forty-five and fiesty, but that’s gonna be a lot to handle.

And with the clock ticking on her mission, she must hurry to stop the salacious demon preying on unsuspecting women before it’s too late. Which makes juggling her seductive suitors harder than ever.

Can Tate get her long-lived lovers in line and survive a month of uncontrollable desire? Or will she screw things up in more ways than one?


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