Running away from anything that makes me feel real emotion has worked so far…until what makes me feel amazing shows up in my conference room for a business meeting…

Aiden, Gideon, Oliver, Jaxon – The Club Kings

I have survived too much in my life to be an easy romantic partner for anyone. Hiding my scars, physical and mental, had become a full time job. But none of my walls stopped two wickedly gorgeous men from trying to sweep me off my feet in the middle of Club 4.

But what can I do when The Club Kings come waltzing into my work life and bang on the door of my personal life, uncovering everything I was so ashamed of. Though, when I expect them to turn away in disgust, they only hold onto me tighter.

I should be pushing them all away, but I find myself reaching out to keep them in my bed, a side of myself I didn’t realize existed.

What I couldn’t have predicted was my past would come back to threaten the thread of happiness I was trying so hard to hold onto…

Taming Brooklyn is a spicy “why choose” romance, first in series with no cheating and a happily for now ending.


A shiver passed through me and for a moment I could feel eyes on me. I looked around, but didnt see anything to worry about. Looking up, on the third floor, I saw them. The dark club didnt hide that they were beautiful men. One with short blonde hair and the other with dark spikes. Beyond that, I couldnt make out all of their features. And for some reason, I knew it was me they were watching.

They didnt speak to me with words. The movement of them against my body was like a language all of its own. I hadnt been out dancing in forever, but my hips and blood recall the sensation. I easily fell into a rhythm with them and closed my eyes for a moment, losing myself in the sensation of their proximity and touch.

I didnt get a look at the DJ of the club, but it seemed that every song that played was about sex. It was clear the mood was meant to be sensual and hot. The music pounded through me and it only added to the high I was riding with my two dance partners.

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