Some demons just shouldn’t be allowed to exist. 

This should have been a good time for Adeline Boo Pond. Sure, the world is changing as her actions with the ley lines begin to bring magic back to the human plane, but it’s a small price to pay to have her demons of destruction back at her side.

When Adie discovers that Cousin Cassandra is seeking to take over her city in Landon’s absence, though, she knows she can’t stand aside and let that happen. As Cassandra grows bolder and begins to attack succubi within Landon’s borders, Adie must figure out a way to stop her before more blood is shed. And, this time, her men can’t help. The contract that binds them to Cassandra stops them from harming her.

Adie is not without allies, though, and it’s time she rallies everyone who owes her a favor before the succubi and incubi become fodder for Cassandra’s mad quest for power. The time for hiding is over.

The time for daydreams is over. It’s time for Adie to rise from the ley lines as a succubus reborn, ready to battle and prepare for war.


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