Zelena Ortega thought she knew the price of fame. Long hours and a lack of free time didn’t matter when the pay off made her feel so alive. Performing music that comes from her heart to enthusiastic crowds of ecstatic fans—there’s no other feeling like it in the world.

But when the spotlights drop and the buzz fades, she’s left empty and alone. There’s only one bright spot in that darkness, and it would be a huge risk to make a move on the Beta bodyguard who takes such good care of her while her contract forbids her from claiming mates, true or chosen.

Being kidnapped unlocks a long-buried memory, and she starts to question everything. Has her whole life been built on a lie? Is it possible that she’s not who she thinks she is? And is she destined to make a pack out of the five men who are ready to claim her as their true mate?

One thing’s for sure. Her life will never be the same again.

Stolen Omega is a standalone sweet omegaverse romance with college-aged characters, serious steam and an HEA.


I smile up at Russ. His face is the first thing I see in the dimly lit suite. The low lighting is his way of easing me out of the dark box without giving me a headache, and it’s just one of many sweet little things that he always does to take care of me.

I don’t think he’s completely aware of how intoxicating those small gestures are to an Omega.

Thoughtful men aren’t easy to come by, and stumbling across a man who can take care of a sensitive woman’s needs without having to be told what to do is like discovering the Holy Grail.

I can feel my skin flushing with heat as I take his extended hand, craving his touch.

Getting to my feet, I let him help me step out of the case.

His hand on my hip makes me long for more scandalous touches.

Thank God for the low lighting.

My cheeks feel like they’re on fire. Hopefully, it’s dark enough that he can’t tell, but I don’t know. I blush so brightly the color is almost neon. It’s probably also practically glow in the dark.

“Home sweet home, at last.” The words rush out of my mouth, sounding like an awkward punchline to a joke I forgot to tell.

Great. We’ve been alone together for less than five minutes, and I’m already so nervous I can’t remember how to human properly.

I can feel his gaze on me, compelling me to make eye-contact.

I’m still holding onto his hand. Letting go is remarkably difficult.

I force myself to wrap my arms around my middle, not quite ready to look up into his eyes.

Damn it, Zey. You’re making this weird.

Forget about admitting feelings.

Just concentrate on acting normal.

Easier said than done. I’m too into him. I want us to be something more than we are, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I think he might want the same thing, but it isn’t as simple as being brave enough to admit our feelings out loud.

I’m not free to choose a mate, and I know if we got involved, I would want to choose him.

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