My childhood was full of fairy tales and laughter…until my reveal, when the big bad wolf came huffing and puffing and blew up my world. Refusing to bend to the alphaholes’ demeaning rules, I escape their den of torture, barely managing to stay ahead of their and sharp fangs.

When I stumbled upon a stray cat, I can’t resist rescuing the scruffy feline. The last thing I expected was for the tomcat to shift into a very handsome, very naked man…who then inadvertently drags me into the middle of a prison break!

In a bungled attempt to flee, I stole a van. How was I to know it had two tiger shifters chained in the back? Twins! And did I mention they were naked too? Surrounded by three cats on the prowl, I decide to dump the whole mess in the lap of a flirty alpha who’s a little too gorgeous for my peace of mind.

Unfortunately, life once again decides to kick me in the lady bits.

The only way to clear my name is to stay with the men and prove our innocence. While on the run, their wild antics barely keep us one step ahead of the law…and I find myself falling hopelessly in love with them. When my past catches up with me, I must make a terrible decision—their lives or my freedom.

Or I can finally embrace my inner wolf and damn the consequences.

Meet the pack: Maggie, Boone, Burke, Grady, and Matty.

Note: This is a dark, humorous paranormal standalone in the Society of Shifters shared world. This book contains strong language, violence, completely inappropriate humor, quirky sidekicks, and a sexy romance that will make you swoon.You can enjoy this book independently.


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