I can feel his eyes on me.

No one is coming to protect me. My step brother lives for my torment, and I’m the only one who won’t be able to go to the masquerade. I just want someone, anyone to help.

Then he appeared. He talks like the devil, but if the man in the mask will grant me my wish, I’ll give him anything he asks. All I want is one night. One night to capture the prince’s attention, and forget about being the girl covered in cinders..

Only, I wasn’t prepared for what that attention might entail. Or how deep his obsession would run.

Stalking Cinderella is a reimagining of Cinderella with a spicy twist. This darker, grittier version of a classic tale will keep you as on edge as our heroine, with touches of horror and heat amidst the twisted romance. You’ll love it if you prefer your stalker, step brother, and demonic romance with multiple possessive, morally gray love interests who are darkly obsessed with their very “good girl.”


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