I’ve been marked for death, but these dragons are determined to set me free.

All shifters are cursed, but me more than anyone. With barely any abilities to speak of, staying two steps ahead of the monster stalking my every move has been nearly impossible. But a freak robbery that goes awry brings my life on the run crashing to a bloody halt.

I need to run again, but my escape from the hospital is complicated by a doctor with eerily colored eyes that see far more than I want him to. He and his friends have decided I’m theirs to protect, want me to believe I’m safe with them, but I know the truth.

I will never be safe. Not when freedom comes at a price I’m not willing to pay.

Mark-mates are supposed to be someone’s missing piece, but somehow my jagged edges fit into three different puzzles. Trading one captor for three is out of the question, yet my stalker won’t turn a blind eye to Stone, Kodiak, and Raiden. Not when they’ll shatter his delusions that I’m fated to be his.

They’re everything that he’s always feared, and I don’t think even I’ll escape his wrath this time.


“Go ahead, doc. Pop my piercing cherry.” followed by the cool rush of rubbing alcohol on my skin. “Why do you have to make everything sound dirty?”

“It’s a talent. One born of a curious dragon that was left with far too much time on her lonely hands, and unsupervised access to the internet.”

Shaking his head, his lips quirk as he works swiftly and efficiently, sanitizing the area. “Would you rather I count down so you can brace yourself, or do it when you aren’t expecting it?”

“Your seduction game needs some work.”

“When I’m seducing you, you’ll know it.” His thumb strokes a slow path over my skin, sliding lower until teasing the waistband of my pajama pants.

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