as one of the chosen maidens, hidden away from the world, cherished like a rare jewel in a gilded cage. When a group of handsome fae warriors promise to break me free from my confinement, I can’t resist their alluring offer.

But their proposal comes with a price. In order to join their fight and save my sisters, I have to play by their rules. What choice do I have? I can stand with them, or remain trapped in a life I never asked for.

I soon find myself drawn into a world of intrigue and temptation like nothing I never imagined existed. These fae men are as compelling as they are dangerous and unpredictable.

As the stakes get higher, I find myself torn between duty and desire. Can trust these men, or am I nothing more than a pawn in their deadly game?

Will I be able to save my sisters and break free from my own captivity, or will I be consumed by the dangerous world of the fae?

**This is a reverse harem, omegaverse, epic fantasy romance, with adult content and abs for days.**


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