Victory at defeating a major threat to the club comes at a great cost… my heart.

This war is not over. My mates and I face a more powerful and cunning enemy that we’re not prepared to handle.

The last battle devastated us. What will it take this time?

Even with my goddess’ healing powers, I fear I can’t defeat the coming chaos that threatens to shatter our loving bond and tear my mates from me.

Sinful Mates is book 5 in the Jackals’ Wrath MC series with plot points that cross over with Festive Mates (holidays novella).The series features a stubborn yet strong heroine and four love interests. If you love shifters, fated mates, and Egyptian mythology, this is the series for you! This book contains dark elements with trigger warnings, suitable for 18+ readers. There is no bullying from the men to the heroine who treat their woman like a goddess.


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