Wherever we go, it’s just Layla and me.

I can trick myself into thinking that I’m giving my five-year-old the experience of a lifetime.
Except, the truth is, we are running for our lives.
South Carolina is supposed to be temporary, at least that’s the plan.

To deviate from the plan is to risk my little girl.

It doesn’t matter that Jackson, Marcus, Jude and Leo have earned my daughter’s trust.
Or that they have broken down my walls one smile, one kiss…one laugh at a time.
It doesn’t matter how badly we want to stay,

What matters is staying one step ahead of Layla’s father.

It’s just supposed to be Layla and me…
Even if my heart belongs to four handsome men who love my daughter like their own.
Staying is not an option.


This is a standalone single mom, why-choose novel, meaning ALL of these characters won’t have to choose between each other. This MMMMF romance features MPOV, dark content and a mother driven to protect her daughter from their past.

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