When a dragon sinks their claws into you, it leaves more than a mark. It’s a promise they’ll never let you go.

When my stalker closes in, my fated mates convince me to return to the place I swore I’d never see again; Khalida, the shifter safe haven. I sought refuge there once before, only to end up drugged and once again fighting for my freedom. But Raiden, Kodiak, and Stone swear their home in the mountains is the safest place I could hide while actually having a shot at a real life, doing everything in their power to distract me from the monster creeping closer in the shadows.

Even going so far as to unleash the city’s secret weapon; Carina.

Raiden’s sister is every bit the fiery dragon I’m not, a violent whirlwind that refuses to be contained, and drags me into her unique brand of chaos. Little by little, she chips away at my defenses, pushes my limits in the best ways, and helps me see what I’ve been missing all these years in hiding. The life I’ve always wanted is being offered to me on a silver platter, all I need to do is claim it.

As if anything in my life could ever be that easy. Malcolm won’t ever stop hunting me, so there’s only one thing I can do; stop running.

It might just kill us all, but at least I’ll finally be free.


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