Raised to rule the criminal underworld… Born to skate her heart out.

As heir to my family’s mafia throne, I’ve learned to threaten, torture, and kill. But the only place I really feel at home is on the ice.

So when Mom has my coach murdered to end my figure skating dreams, I know it’s time to run. With my hot but off-limits bodyguard by my side, I flee to a little town where she’ll never find me.

All I want is to lie low and perform in secret at the local rink. But a chance meeting with two passionate, damaged men seeking their own healing on the ice opens up new possibilities—both for my skating and my heart.

They have no idea who I really am. And with a gang terrorizing my new neighbors and a stalker leaving me gruesome gifts, I don’t know how long I can keep my violent history in the past.

Can I defend my new life without turning into the brutal mafia princess I never wanted to be?


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