“You’re nothing.
Just a nobody that wasn’t wanted.”

Those words have played in my head since I was five years old.
Every night when I close my eyes, I relive that moment. The heat, the smoke, and the cruel smile on her face. For the longest time, I believed them. All I wanted was to find a place to belong, to be needed. But who could ever need me, a prey shifter? How can a rabbit be useful, especially when I lack elemental magic?

The guys saved me that night and every day since. They refused to let me feel useless, instead teaching me to be strong and use what I thought was a weakness to my advantage. With Lyle, Blair, Pike, and the twins, Sol and Storm, I found what I never thought was possible. People who wanted me, people who value me. They may be Alpha predators, but they make me feel like I belong.

I found a pack.

But nothing is forever, and one day I’ll have to watch them leave, to pick mates to spend their lives with. The thought haunts me, but I can’t let it rule my life.
I don’t want to be alone, not again…


Sometimes my thoughts are not my own. I feel like someone else lives inside of me, full of pain and while I don’t know the reason for the pain, I can feel it as if it is my own. Every day the feeling is stronger and with it comes chaos, my life has become a delicate balance and something inside of me can’t wait for it to snap.

Fear keeps me holding onto what I know. Whatever is inside of me is waiting to get out, but it’s dark and dangerous and I refuse to let those around me be hurt by it.

I’m just not sure I can hold it in much longer.

Shaped by Destiny is book one in the Beasts of Extinction Series and ends on a cliffhanger.
This is a full-length shifter romance that has some darker elements.
Please read the Trigger Warnings.


“She’s fine. We will take care of her. You can go now.” Lyle tells Garrett before looking back at me, as if checking quickly to make sure his words were true. 

It’s the first time Lyle’s paid me any attention in the few short moments he’s been here, but just as quickly as he looked at me, he looks away again. As if he can’t stand to keep his eyes off Garrett. 

So glad he’s worried about me so much, asshole.

“I think I’ll stick around, thanks,” Garrett says with a little shrug.

“No, you won’t. We don’t know you, and the fact that you just so happen to be around Rena for ten minutes, and she winds up unconscious isn’t looking good for you.” Pike says, taking a step toward Garrett, his face full of disgust.

 “You have a funny way of saying thank you. I could have just as easily taken her back to my house, you know.” Garrett says, looking from Lyle to Pike as if daring them to say something, but what can they say? He’s right; the guys would have thought I was in class and fine if not for him. “But I figured she would do best with her mated pack.”

“Yes, and she’s here now, so you’re no longer needed,” Lyle presses, but my mind is stuck on what Garrett just said.

“Excuse me, what now?” 

Garrett is the only one who seems to hear me, though. He makes a move, looking as if he’s going to walk toward me before Lyle sidesteps in front of him, blocking his path.

“Calm down,” Garrett tells him with a cocky grin and a pat on the shoulder before pushing past him. 

Oh man, Lyle is going to lose it.

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