They turned me to save my life, but damned themselves in the process.

My life has always been a morbid test, seeing just how much I can endure before I finally break. So when I’m abducted and shoved into some psycho’s trunk, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Yet even the mercy of death is torn away from my grasp, three men sinking their teeth into me and refusing to let me go.

Now I’m drawn to them in ways I’ve never experienced, and it’s as terrifying as it is thrilling. A blessing and a curse, I escaped my old life only to replace it by three sets of chains forged in blood, binding me to these strangers that feel like home. With the bond forcing my hand, it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s not where they’re concerned, if I’m only drawn to them because their venom is coursing through my veins.

Or if they only bit me because they couldn’t stop themselves, my blood a siren’s call for shifters.

One hit and they’re faster, stronger, and hopelessly addicted. If I thought I was being hunted before, it’s nothing compared to now, when turning me into one of them amplified the draw of my blood enough to turn men feral. All I want is a quiet life and the chance to explore this bond with the men who saved me, who look at me like they’ve waited a lifetime to find me.
But will they be strong enough to stand between me and a world that would bleed me dry the first chance it gets?


“I haven’t stopped looking!” he hisses vehemently, careful not to shout. “I can barely sleep, can’t think of anything other than her. If I fuck up and drive her away from us, then what the hell am I supposed to do? I will lose my ever-loving mind, Stryker. What if-“ he drops his voice to barely more than a whisper “-what if she never shifts? If Bane and I biting her did more harm than good? What if we not only changed her life irrevocably, but we ruined her second chance at it?” He swallows, a myriad of emotions barely contained within his eyes. “What if she can’t shift? If she thinks there’s no risk of exposure, no reason for her to have to stay, she could move back to the city where we might not get to her in time before something happens.” Troubled, blue eyes stay rapt on my face, needing me to fix every problem that hasn’t even happened yet. I get it better than I think he realizes, the lack of answers torturing me as much as the constant need to be around the woman. So I do the only thing that I’m able to. I bitch slap him.


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