My name is Scarlet, and I live in strange times. The year is 1890, and Queen Victoria is our Queen. It is a glorious time, where we have steamships, inventions, and exploration.

When I received a mysterious letter from my father’s friend, Sherlock Holmes, I am whisked into a world of magic and mystery. A world I never knew exist, until I was able to discover devices from this world. The supernatural world.

I am new to this world, but when I meet a handsome stranger one mysterious night, I am soon initiated into the heart of it. Commissioned to help solve a mystery. Turns out I have some gifts and talents.

Needed for the Society of Supernatural Sleuths, and my fellow sleuths in this secret society happen to be the most handsome and intriguing men who can be cruel at times, bullying even with their liberties with me.

One is an arrogant noble vampire from the most ancient of vampire royalty.

The other is a fierce fae warrior.

And the third is a handsome swordsman whose supernatural origins is still a mystery.

These three are my tormentors but protectors, and we are the beginnings of The Society of Supernatural Sleuths.


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