Return to the magical hidden library of Apocrypha where book goblins roam the stacks and walls shift to accommodate its residents. Zosia has spent most of her life in a magicless orphanage and still can’t believe she’s descended from an ancient line of sphinxes destined to be the sentient library’s caretakers. Her love of books and stories sustained her through the trauma and torture she endured in her childhood, but will it be enough to ensure her success?

Becoming a librarian isn’t just a job, however, and her four guardians aren’t just employees. While learning the skills necessary to honor her birthright, she uncovers the truth of her past and realizes that her four mates are inextricably entwined with her enemies. Her protectors might be considered outcasts like her, but Zosia believes their differences and alleged disabilities enhance their combined strength. They’ll need all the power they can muster to prevent their foes from overtaking the library and its substantial mysteries.

The five unlikely heroes have been shunned and belittled their entire lives; they’ll need love, compassion, and more than a bit of magic to bolster their self-worth and trust in each other. They must unite to battle the universal evil they’re just beginning to understand.


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