Murder, Theft, Betrayal

Disappearing into alias after alias to elude an obsessive stalker, Henley Davis has become an expert at hiding. When her mentor is murdered, she’s tempted to fall into old habits and run, but the need for justice burns white hot. Using her formidable tech skills, she follows the trail left by the killers straight into the heart of Savage Enterprises, Inc. (SEI)

The Santos men—Thiago, Mateo, and Grayson—run SEI, a conglomerate synonymous with the latest in security and technology. Called The Savages by their enemies, they are brilliant, powerful men, shrouded in mystery but known for ruthlessly destroying anyone who stands against them.

When one of their own is shot, the Santos men launch a full-scale hunt for the attacker. Instead of finding answers, they discover a twisted path of misinformation, suspicious allies, a slew of unanswered questions and a woman… or is it three women?


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