My stepbrother used me and threw me away. Now he’s the only one I can turn to.

When my car is stolen outside my new college dorm, my roommate points me to “The Vigil”—a trio of students who tackle crimes when campus security drops the ball.

The last thing I expect walking into the Vigil’s office is to find Logan Brooks staring back at me.

I want nothing to do with the stepbrother I once had the world’s hugest crush on. Two years ago, patching up his mysterious injuries led to a passionate hookup on the bathroom sink. And then he totally ghosted me.

But even though he looks at me like I’m dirt under his shoe, he and his distractingly hot friends insist on taking my case.

No way am I letting them investigate on their own. Working with them will give me the chance to find out what’s really up with Logan. Why he was bruised and bleeding that night. Why he’s shut off the whole family.

Except when our search takes an unexpected turn, I realize the truth is even more horrifying than what I thought I knew…


I noticed the bandage I’d done my best to fix over the curve of his shoulder was coming detached. With a curse under my breath, I leapt forward to stick it back down. But Logan’s efforts with the shower had left the tiled floor slick from errant spray. My socked feet slipped, and I careened over the edge of the bathtub. 


The shower water splattered my hair and tank top. Logan caught me an instant before I banged into the opposite wall and yanked me upright. He spun me away from the tub, glaring down at me—and then something else flickered in his expression. 


I was abruptly aware of how the wet top clung to my skin, particularly the curves of my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra. My nipples stood out against the drenched fabric, and I’d swear they tingled to sharper attention as Logan’s gaze raked over them.


His hands tightened where he was gripping my upper arms. He closed his eyes, and a tremor passed through his body. “I’m trying to do the right thing here.”


I didn’t know what he was talking about. It was hard to focus on anything except the feel of his hands and the way my body was screaming for him to press even closer. I couldn’t stop myself from resting my hand on his chest. My voice tumbled out of me with an unusually husky quality. “So am I.”


Fuck,” Logan rasped, and the next thing I knew, he was tugging up my chin so his mouth could crash into mine.


The kiss was hot and feral, and it short-circuited my brain. I didn’t know how to do anything except kiss him back with all I had in me.

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