When the past brings more than one enemy to your door.

Eliminating the traitor in their midst is only the beginning. With the death toll rising, Henley and the Santos men must work together to uncover their enemy.

But in a race to get the software to market, they discover the shadows are full of enemies. When Henley is specifically targeted, Thiago, Grayson, and Mateo realize there is more at stake than a piece of tech—they could lose the woman who is slowly stealing their hearts.

Living with the Santos men gives Henley a glimpse of a better future, but she must decide if she’s truly ready to take a leap of faith and stop running from the past. Just when she thinks she’s close, a gruesome message from her stalker reminds her of what’s at stake.

Desperate to draw their enemies from the shadows, they set a trap using the software and Henley as bait. Will their plan work, or will their enemies triumph and ruin any chance of happiness?


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