I was supposed to be a king’s fated mate—then I fled, to save my clan.

Now the Vampire High Council is hunting me. War is brewing, and I’m hiding a terrible secret. But nothing could prepare me for why I was dragged back to the clan in the first place, and the answer might just destroy everything—and everyone—I love.

**Ruthless Liege is a #whychoose vampire romance featuring revenge, enemies to lovers snark, forbidden love, touch her and you die vibes, hot villains, fated mates, morally gray men and a king who’s finally met his match.



Tonight, I would take everything I wanted, and after this, nothing would ever be the same. I couldn’t wait for this metamorphosis. I wanted us to emerge from tonight’s bloody trials brand new, twin swords forged in a flame so hot, we’d become tempered steel.

Indestructible. Eternal and everlasting.

I stared into those eyes, the ones I knew as well as my own, flecked with emeralds and dark promises and all my doubts disappeared. I wanted everything Rowan offered me, and together, we’d stay drunk on our love, this never-ending song humming between us.

“You belong to me, Aisling. You always have. You always will.” I couldn’t look away when he pushed all three fingers into his mouth and sucked off my juices. “And after tonight, everyone will know it.”

My knees wobbled at the pure, undiluted lust in his emerald eyes, and just like that, I relaxed beneath his burning gaze. I was done fighting what I wanted. I wanted to submit to him, to belong to him. This felt right, the predestined conclusion to all the heartache and joy, the betrayals and forgiveness.

To have a place in this clan, with this male I loved with all my heart and soul, for the rest of our lives was all I wanted. I met his eyes, and I wasn’t afraid of anything our future might hold, not as long as we were together.

“Yes. I am yours, Rowan.”

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