Eleven years ago, my entire family was massacred.

Only my brother and I survived that fateful night.

Now someone has returned to finish what they started.

My notorious, gang leader brother keeps me in a gilded cage, out of his business and away from the sinister underworld of Reaper Falls.

When a threat too great for him to handle throws my perfectly orchestrated life into chaos, I’m finally set free. Free from not only him, but from myself. Because I’m not the girl everyone thinks I am.

Those who crossed my family will pay a hefty price. I’ll make sure of it.

The only complication? Three men who refuse to let me out of their sight.

Emilio, my newly appointed, grumpy bodyguard.

My best friend, Rhys, who turned me down when I confessed my feelings for him.

And Torsten, the assassin who I want to kill as much as I want to f*ck.

Not only is my entire future on the line. We’re risking our lives, and hearts, as we try to uncover the true enemy before it’s too late.


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