How does a life spiral out of control in twenty-four hours?

One day, I’m living a simple solitary life as a hacker who blackmails creeps. The next, I’m running for my life from the Russian mafia. Now, I’m being hauled out of a Vegas casino by another group of intimidating men. They claim to be casino security, but their lies don’t fool me. I almost break free from them when their car door suddenly opens and ‘America’s Most Wanted’ steps out. One glance at his scarred, tatted body, and I know there’s no turning back.

These men insist they’re holding me captive for my protection, but their actions leave me questioning their true motives. They believe they’re saving me, when I might be the only one who can save them.

Seven – the charismatic, witty charmer with ocean-green eyes, endless tattoos hidden beneath tailored suits, and a drool-worthy body. He’s incredibly intelligent and could be my perfect partner. If I can sway him over to my side.

Kit – a massive, real-life Viking with long, blonde hair, icy-blue eyes, and a golden heart. He’s a gentle giant, and the only morally upright member of our group. If my world implodes, Kit is the one who can put me back together.

And Vulcan – What can I say? A fearsome, scarred man shaped by a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse. From the moment we meet, we’re physically drawn to each other like magnets. He awakens something in me I never knew existed. Despite warnings from the others about his dangerous nature, I can’t stay away.

Russian Roulette is an adult steamy romance with high heat where the girl will end up with multiple love interests. This book contains enemies-to-lovers and romantic suspense themes. This book does NOT contain MM because the men fall hard and fast for only the girl. All characters are in their twenties. This is the first book in the ongoing series, “Sin City Kings” and ends in a cliffhanger.


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