They say Heaven is made of peace and light—pure goodness.
But what happens when the fires of Hell are all you’ve ever known?


Resolved to save myself,
I escaped the prison the devil locked me in.
Only to be caged by a demon more depraved than the last.


My only saving graces are three brothers I never saw coming.


One with enough blood coating his hands to stain his soul.
One whose darkness masks the scars he tries to hide.
One with honest eyes that guard the brokenness within.


They’re determined to save me from the demon who owns me,
And the devil who’s hell bent on reclaiming what’s his. Me.
Even if it means forfeiting their own lives.


But I can’t let that happen.
I know what I must do,
I’m just not sure they’ll forgive me for it.


In the end, the only choice I have will leave me


Ruined is book two in the Lost Soul Series, and not intended to be read as a standalone. This is a slow burn novel that features three possessive, territorial, and psychotic men that will stop at nothing to keep the woman they claimed as their own safe … even if it means protecting her from herself. 

Warnings : This novel includes references to past substance abuse, sexual assault, violence, self-harm, parental physical and verbal abuse, swearing, PTSD, and sexual content suitable for +18 audience.


“He’s a dead man,” I growl, my trigger finger itching at my side to put that man down like the piece of shit he is.

“No,” Lucifer says coolly, his eyes narrowing on the burning car as his mind plots. “No.” The corner of his lips tip up into a sadistic grin. “We let him play his game, let him think he has the upper hand. And when he’s comfortable in his control, we rip it away from him and make him regret every decision he’s ever made.”

Liking his plan to tear this man’s world apart, I release a deep breath and mutter, “Well, someone needs to die, and soon.”

Lucifer looks me over, his gaze lingering on my twitching hands. “Maybe start with her tormentors from the club. I’m sure Harley and Xavion can help you obtain a list of her regulars.”

A slow sadistic grin splits my face. Red coats my vision and thoughts of warm blood dripping from my fingertips as my blade cuts out the hearts of the men who abused Eden’s body and tormented her mind, fills me with a sick anticipation and joy.

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