The magic that flows through the land of Marieena runs like a river from the Castle, but few know exactly how it’s created by the Enchantress that calls it home. But as belief in the old gods wanes, so does that power, and it’s beginning to show in frightening ways. When naive farmer Rook steps into adulthood, he knows two things: he still believes in the Enchantress, and he’s ready to offer himself to her service.

Inside the stone walls of the Castle, Rook finds endless discoveries: sensual direction at the hands of his new Mistress, lustful paths to something new and exciting, and a place for himself he never expected. When the new moon rises and the time for the Enchantress’ powerful ritual comes again, he’s eager to prove himself and win a place at her side—and in her bed—for good.

But a connection that began with Rook’s arrival is building with every embrace, every caress, and every breathless moment together. Could a wide-eyed, submissive farm boy really be the key to saving Marieena?


An Omegaverse Polyamorous Romance

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