Bad boys with fangs as sharp as their personas are kings of rock’n’roll.

But bad was never supposed to be synonymous with killer.

A chance to see more of the hotter-than-sin rockabilly singer I’ve been crushing on for years?

It should have been an automatic hell yes!

Aric is pure fucking fire, and watching him on stage lights me up in ways nothing—and no one—else can.

Except the opportunity that comes crashing into my life isn’t a concert.

It’s a godsdamned murder investigation.

With my boss dead set on me being the one to look into the draining of a fellow Whiskey Jet Preachers fan, I’m forced to engage with Aric well beyond the safety net of a crowded afterparty. And, honestly, I have no idea how to handle any of it.

Especially when the alluring darkness behind Aric’s fanged smile might be lethal for more than just my werewolf heart.

Urban fantasy meets rockstar romance in the suspenseful ICRA Files: Berlin series by USA Today bestselling author Gaja J. Kos! A scorching hot slow-burn of the deepest, wildest fangirl fantasies turned reality fans of Jaymin Eve, Keri Arthur, and Chloe Neill are certain to adore!


“Aric”—I dropped one hand from the steering wheel and braced it on the side of my seat—“I’m livid that you ended up in this mess, not that you snacked on a fan.”

Amusement darkened his brown eyes, and a barely there but wicked smile pulled up the corners of his full lips. He leaned over, ensnaring me so fully with the desire he threw my way that I didn’t even consider retreating to be an option.

Though there was nothing arcane about it, I suddenly understood what it meant to be under someone’s thrall. Why breaking away was impossible.

Aric dropped his gaze to my lips, then slowly lifted it until he obliterated every last shred of sanity I’d had left with the unrestrained force of his bedroom stare. 

His fangs descended, all white, sharp perfection that made my blood race. “Are you sure about that?”

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