𝓘𝓶 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓬𝓻𝓪𝔃𝔂.

I am different, unexplainable. Magical.

The world is shifting beneath me, and I find myself no longer bound by the reality I once knew. This time, my own abilities simmer beneath the surface—an unexplored power awakening within me.

And now I am falling for the four men who have safeguarded me, wrecked me, and pieced me back together. Yet, part of me knows they are more than what they seem. Bound by secrets that tease and twirl at the edge of my consciousness, I can feel the echoes of a reality far more complex than I think I’m ready for.

But like everything else, these echoes don’t come alone. They’re shadowed by threats lurking out of sight, poised to tear us apart… to shatter me.

What happens when you plunge headlong into love with not just one, but four men, only to be torn apart by a fate more cruel than any destiny?

Time is running out. Will love, magic, and sacrifice be enough?


Lowering my mental barriers, I will Malia to be able to hear my thoughts.

“Malia. Don’t react. I know you can hear me. We may be alone but they’re always watching. I am your lawyer and nothing more.” 

She blinks to show she understands me.

“Did he hurt you?” I ask aloud, voice tight with barely concealed rage.

“No. He just squeezed my shoulder. His nails were really sharp though.”

Of course they were. My people are built like predators.

“Show me,” I demand through gritted teeth and she lowers the shoulder of her top to bare her skin to me. Five deep crescent moons mar her perfect flesh and I see red. 

“Fuck.” Those indents are really deep. It should have drawn blood.

“I’m thick skinned. It’s fine,” she replies with a dismissive shrug. I know she thinks she’s helping by playing her pain down, but the reason why she’s ‘thick skinned’ makes me feel even closer to losing it. She’s ‘fine’ because she’s experienced much, much worse. And I want to kill every person who’s ever hurt her.

“It is not fine,” I tell her firmly. She winces at my tone, but can’t she see I’m not angry at her but for her?

“Did you… Do you know him? From…court?” she asks carefully. 

“Our paths have crossed. But you don’t need to worry about him because I’m representing you, and I’ll be getting you out of here shortly.” And I’m going to kill him, the first chance I get.

“Okay. Thank you,” she whispers. Fuck. The urge to touch her is so strong. If I could, I’d sweep her into my arms, kiss those hurts on her shoulder and tell her that she never, ever has to thank me for anything.

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