Four shattered hearts. Three deadly enemies. Two innocents lost. Once chance at peace.

Though my identity has been revealed, I’m left with more questions than answers. Why did my parents fake my death and erase my memories? Who sent the mercenaries to kill my wolf protectors and me? Will the Fae prince I love ever forgive me for hiding my dark secret, the only thing I suspected about my past life—his half-brothers are my fated mates? Will my mates set aside their thirst for revenge long enough to help me find the children born out of our one night of passion five years ago? And, finally, will any of this matter if we are all doomed to die in the mad king’s court where I have more enemies than answers?


“Does he know about the bond?” Finn asked.

I forced myself to look away from his penetrating gaze, because I was afraid of the pity I’d see reflecting in his eyes. “I told him.”

He took my hand. “And?”

I had to force myself to push out the words. “And that’s when he told me he’s marrying Arabella.”

Asher swore. “He’d rather marry a demon than acknowledge your bond and share with his brothers?”

I pulled my hand from his, feeling unworthy of his touch. “I guess so.”

“Tarianya,” Finn whispered as he cupped my chin. “I know you’re hurt by his rejection, but know this—we love you, and we’re not leaving you.”

I was too choked up to answer him as tears blurred my vision.

Asher knelt beside me, taking my hand in his, even as I tried to pull back. “We would die defending that love.”

The breath caught in my throat at the sincerity reflecting in his eyes. I was so grateful to have my loyal wolves. I didn’t think I could possibly survive without them.

“I don’t need you to die for me.” I cupped his cheek, smiling while getting lost in his mesmerizing gaze. “Having your love is more than enough.”

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