You think your parents are bad? Try having the devil as your father.

I’d had enough of all the expectations and rules that come with being the next in line for Hell’s throne. I was tired of the constant fight over my so-called duty. There was only one answer – to run away to the human realm. My only goal—to prove to the old man that I could be free and make a name for myself, without the stigma of being Lucifer’s daughter to bolster me.

Years pass and I’m on the cusp of making a multi-million dollar deal when four Otherworld beings show up, demanding that I return to Hell. This wasn’t my fathers first attempt at luring me back to him, but this was the first time he found the right kind of temptation—bait so sexy that I was sure to fall into his trap. Too bad for him I was not so easily fooled.

I can out seduce a casanova.

I can play fist-a-cuffs with a beast.

I can out maneuver a general.

And I can roll the dice with a gambler.

Because these four men have never danced with the devil’s daughter before, and I never lose.


Author Note: This is a standalone novel about a she demon, her four horsemen, and the hilarious road it took five headstrong beings to come together… Oh and a crazy celestial family to boot. This book is extra spicy with lots of sex, a reverse harem where the FMC gets all the men.


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