From the moment I was born, my world was silent. My pack knew something was different about me, but my disability took a while to become obvious. During those first couple of years, the sweetest of the pack’s elders bonded with me and refused to allow the pack to send me to the fate of the rejected.

The Abyss is deep in the woods and only opens at nightfall. Anyone sent through that dark pit is never seen again. That’s because there are monsters on the other side. Beastly creatures who must be kept sated with regular animal sacrifices.

I’ve spent the past eighteen years working my fingers to the bone to make myself useful to the pack, to prove to everyone they were right to listen to my guardian who saved me from The Abyss when I was too young to defend myself.

I’ve always known it may not be enough to keep me safe forever, but I don’t see my time running out until there are signs that one of the monsters have escaped The Abyss. They know I wasn’t sent to them when I should have been.

Now there’s no way my pack will do a thing to protect me.

None of the rejected have ever been spared.

Rejected by Wolves is book one of two in The Rejected duology. This is a reverse harem shifter/monster romance told in two parts, with eventual steam.


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