Ever since the Great War, when my parents abandoned me in the Air Dragon Kingdom, I’ve been the punching bag of the royal elites. They hate me because I’m an outsider. I dare to question their rules and the cruelty of their tyrant king.

There’s also the small matter of how I’m a dragon shifter who can’t seem to shift.

But none of that matters. Deep down, I know my value.

And so does Storm—the crown prince’s younger brother. Our relationship has to be kept a secret, of course, but behind closed doors, he’s the definition of a loving, caring mate. If only I could manage to bring my dragon forth, I’m sure he’d be my fated mate.

Right until the moment we’re discovered. Storm rejects me, crushing me and destroying my pathetic excuse for a life. Banished, I have no choice but to wander out into the unclaimed territories.

But not everything is as it seems. The people beyond the Air Kingdom’s borders aren’t the lawless brutes I was told they were. As I find new allies and begin to create a new home, trouble has its own way of finding me, though. First in the form of a powerful artifact, pulsing with a dark magic that we all thought had been defeated long ago.

And then in the form of two dragon princes from two warring dragon kingdoms.

Both of whom are intent on claiming me as their mate.


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