Romulus has left us no choice. Our forces are about to collide, and only one of us will survive.

I’m back with my mates and I should be able to breathe easier, except I know our days of peace are numbered. Romulus will soon discover that the blade he holds—the one he thinks will kill a dark god—is nothing more than an illusion.

With Titus and Kallen on our side, we might just stand a chance—but can we really trust them?

We have to get our troops ready for the fight of our lives because this time, Romulus has made it clear that he’s going after our school and the students who call it home. He won’t stop until he ends the lives of everyone I care about.

I refuse to let him win, and with the help of my mates, my family, my friends, and some unexpected allies, I know we can stop this war once and for all—because if we don’t, it will be more than just our lives on the line.


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