Nothing is more deadly than secrets…

…and mine could bring this mysterious academy to its knees.

Many have forgotten my name. Magenta: the wicked witch whose dark magic created the Rebel Academy — a magic paranormal prison for supernatural bad boys. But now I’m back and eager to claim the love and life that was stolen from me, even if first I have to survive the start of term.

My enemies trapped me as a ghost on the very cursed grounds that I helped to create. Yet thanks to three deliciously tempting immortals, I’ve been awakened. One is a beautiful incubus who hungers for pleasure. The next a gorgeous shifter and mage who always senses the truth but enjoys his lies far more. Oh, and who could ever forget Loki’s hot trickster son?

Why choose between these sexy delinquents when having them all is such sinful fun?

The immortals risked everything to free me, and I’ll stop at nothing to protect them from the elitist princes who rule the reform school. Will my bond with the magical students and new friendships be enough to battle the dangerous rivalries, as well as the cruel professors’ schemes?

Or will I be forced back into the darkness…

…and left to fade away?

From USA Today Bestselling Author Rosemary A. Johns comes your next paranormal academy addiction! 

Rebel Academy: Crave is a complete 95,000 word Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance that contains M/M and hot, consensual scenes that are for 18+ only.

*** EXCERPT***

“You’ll be taught to survive by the most powerful witches in England.” The Immortal’s hold on me tightened. “I won’t lose anybody else.”

When Magenta kissed down my neck, I arched into her touch. I glanced at the magic mirror, which trapped us in our love. Sweet mage, I’d never imagined that I could look so bewitching caught between the alluring beauty of an incubus and the commanding hotness of a god.

Had our image in the mirror summoned Magenta or had our pleasure called to her? Why was the ghost becoming more powerful through her connection to me? Plus, was she truly the wicked witch who was more dangerous than the professors and princes…?


The incubus flushed, and his gaze darted to the other Immortals and princes. His tongue swept his plush lips; their scent of coco and almond flooded me with warmth. I was desperate to taste them. The first time that I’d seen the incubus like this, I’d craved him. Now, the tendrils of his longing sparked magic through the connection that bound me to the mage and god. These were the Rebels who’d resurrected me. Their spirits were woven with mine. I was part of the academy, and they were part of me. “Kiss her,” the incubus murmured. The mage’s lips were sweet raspberries and love. They were every year that I’d yearned, and every tear that I’d cried. They were life beyond death and my second chance…


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