Stay away from Court Fae…

My dad drilled that into our Dark Fae tribe, trapping us in the forest. Court Fae are deadly, cruel, and believe that they’re fated to mate for life.

But I’m also Lord Spring: a rebel with something dangerous and magical growing inside me…

Now I’m a prisoner in a supernatural jail with my two hot and protective fae friends, held captive because I rebelled against the Queen. They even kidnapped the beautiful shifters. How can I escape this academy with its trials, executions, and classes with vampires, werewolves, and witches?

Go for counseling with the sexy succubus, my friends said. It couldn’t be worse than dying, right?

Yet love could be deadlier than anything else in this reform school. Why choose just one bond when all are so temptingly hot? Yet will these new loves and friendships be enough to fight the system and the Court Fae?

If I fail to graduate…

…I die.


“He’ll love you,” I murmur, “because I do.” When I trace my fingers down the succubus’ throat, she arches. “I’ll share you with my fae and shifter lovers because you’re the woman that we’ve been waiting for. Now we have you, we’ll never let you go.” 

I kiss her like a claiming. Then I slide up her dress, caressing her thigh. 

Emerald reaches for my hand. “I’ll never run from you. You’re the most beautiful creature that I’ve ever seen.”

I want to wreck the succubus at the same time as protect her from every danger, as much as she does me. I long to kiss her, until she can’t think of anything but the way I taste. Until she can never forget or leave us.



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