She seeks solace. They want vengeance. How can she save the world while consumed by the fire?

My life has become a shell of the one I once knew after losing my other half, my dear twin sister. Before she was killed in a bear attack, I made her two promises, to raise her twin daughters as if they were my own and to protect them with my life. Until now, I’ve kept those promises.

When the wicked Fae Queen Malvolia sends three winged fire mages to hunt us, I’m faced with an impossible choice, kill them or let them take us hostage. Killing them would be too easy, for I’m gifted with the white magic of the siren’s call, and with my powerful voice, I can bring entire armies to their knees and watch while they slit their own throats. Unfortunately, these mages are my fated mates, tasked to coerce me to join Malvolia’s army.

And there’s one more problem. Rumors are circulating that my twin is not dead, that she’s grown into a powerful white witch, and she’s marching with Malvolia’s enemy to destroy us.


“A toast,” he said, his eyes shimmering with desire. “To our beautiful mate, and to the Elements for leading us to her.”

“And to my brave fire mages,” I blurted, forcing out the words before I lost my nerve. “For finding me when I needed you most.” Those last words came out on a rasp, my throat constricting with so many emotions that I dared not think on overly long. But they had found us just in time. I didn’t know what would’ve happened to the girls and me if they hadn’t saved us.

But now was not the time to dwell on the negative. Now was the time to celebrate and maybe steal a few moments of pleasure among the chaos. I gulped down several sips of spiced wine, the mild fruity taste a welcome distraction to the two virile males whose very essence filled every corner of the room and lit every dark chasm in my soul.

Elements, I wanted them.

I drank down the last of the wine and thrust the goblet into Blaze’s hands. “More, please.”

“Careful, Shirina.” Blaze’s eyes darkened to two inky pools, strong, musky pheromones clinging to him like a second skin as he poured more wine into my goblet. “If you drink too much, it will be easy to take advantage of you.”

Emboldened by the fire swirling in my veins, I took the wine from him, eyeing him over the rim. “I know.”

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