It’s time to claim my throne… but magic rarely acts as expected.

My bonds to my consorts are strained, I struggle with the role I’ve been given, and my magical link to the Tree of Life is tenuous at best.

On top of that, our enemies are growing more powerful.

The Unseelie leader sends me an ultimatum — surrender the throne or she’ll kill someone close to me. But if I let her take over, it’ll mean outright genocide.

To become queen, revive our long-lost magic, and stop the Unseelie at last, I’ll need to bond with my fifth and final consort.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Without a genuine connection, our chance of bonding is doomed.

Can I win over my final consort in time to save everyone we care about?

Full of twists and turns, Queen of Queens will have you turning the page well past bedtime. Get ready for a wild ride filled with new love, sexy group scenes, and a cliffhanger that’ll leave you desperate for the final book.


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