What if … love destined betrayal? What’s a Queen without an empire?

My name is Cecilia Flóres, daughter and heir to The Cártel throne. That is, until my uncle steals my birthright. Now, as my past catches up to me, I’ve run out of places to hide; and the only person who can help me wants me dead. Twelve years ago I broke his heart and stole his future.

Enter Ronan Zerkos—they call him Berserk now; he’s an ex-navy Seal turned gang leader. I fell in love with him when we were young; but the boy who held my heart now leads The Black Crow Brotherhood. With two others at his side, Santo Álvarez and Mateo Kane, the trio runs the most violent and powerful gang in the city. The cold monster he has become is just a biproduct of my betrayal, but now I need their help to reclaim my throne.

They’ll put me through hell to test me, but a Queen is forged in fire- and I was made to be unbreakable


I turned my head to see Mateo standing six feet away from me with none other than the treacherous viper who poisoned my life, and stole our future from me. I felt time stand still, completely frozen. Exactly like that first time I ever saw her when I was just a ten year old boy awkwardly standing at her door.

 In three steps I cleared the space between us and I pinned her to the wall, holding her by the throat as her feet dangled in the air. I wasn’t that boy anymore, and I wouldn’t let her hypnotize me.

“You grew.” Her voice scratched through from the pressure of my hand against her windpipes, and she drew a sinister smile that made me want to kill her even more. 

“This is a joke right? Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill you.” I roared, letting my grip on her dissolve as she fell to the floor. 

She rubbed her throat casually as she stood, “you’re lucky I still like that, assholle.” She narrowed her eyes at me, and I was suddenly reminded of every filthy thing I had ever done to the girl standing in front of me. I had to quickly cover up my reaction to her remark and I hoped she didn’t notice the effect she still had on me.

“Maybe that’s what I’m here for.” She shrugged, and I arched an eyebrow at her confession. Self-destructive had never been her style, she was too smart of a girl for it.

But she wasn’t a girl anymore either, and standing in front of me was the woman I once thought I’d share my whole life with. She had filled out in all the right places, but aside from that she looked almost exactly how I remembered. Her golden skin glimmered in the most lick-able way possible and I had to force myself to remember that she wasn’t mine anymore.

“You came to hand yourself over to the Devil then?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest as I tried to fight the temptation to touch her beautiful soft golden skin.

“You are not my Devil Ronan Zerkos, no matter what you think you may know about how you feel. My Devil goes by a different name, and compared to him, you are an ant crushed by the weight of his heel.“ She spat the words out at me in anger, like I was the one who threw everything away over a few hundred thousand dollars.

“What’s the con Cecilia?” I asked her, as the whispering and whimpering of the blondes behind me started making my blood boil in annoyance. 

“I am, and have been many things since we have last seen each other, Berserk. Con-artist has never made it to the list.” She huffed and turned her chin up at me in defiance using the name my men and the city knew me by. I didn’t speak, not yet. I was completely out of words and I could barely even believe she was standing right in front of me. After years of looking she was right in front of me. 

 “I need protection.” She finally admitted. 

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