My name is Puck, and I’m the only Omega hockey mascot.

After a tragic figure skating accident, I’m marked as a Reject Omega and sold to the most notorious team in the Alpha NHL to become their puck mascot. All alone, I’m a nobody who’s only brave enough to throw off my costume and dance at night. When a dangerous heat hits me mid-game, surely the star players, the Blades, won’t leap from the ice to save me?

But will the Alpha Captain, his wild child best friend, their fiercely protective Beta, and the sweet and funny male Omega put me above their hockey? I’m falling hard for these men who smell like my dream pack, but will they bond with a reject?

The Blades always play to win, but when all our secrets are revealed, will they lose me?

A puck. Her blades. A pack bond that changes everything.


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