A special delivery with photos of my groom screwing other women,

Sends me bolting from the church right into the massive arms of my abductors.

My three oversized alpha captors have much bigger plans for me than walking down the aisle.

Anthony my Silver Fox, has a sex appeal that makes him impossible to resist.

Christopher likes it rough, with his big bulging… muscles.

And Francis, my protector is sweet and kind and hot as hell.

These smoking hot brothers have ignited burning desires deep inside me.

They’ve vowed to help me get my revenge on the ones who killed my family.

They’re teaching me how and protecting me.

But who will protect me from them?

I feel myself falling hard.

One by one they mold me to their will.

I can’t resist them.

I won’t resist them.

With my newfound freedom, I can have everything I want.

And I want them but will they share me?

Or will my needs break the sacred bond between brothers?


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