I’m a virgin princess from a fertile moon. When three villains abduct me and their mission fails, I’m horny for my freedom.

I hate them at first, but things turn around when I realise they’re not my enemies but my protectors. And they’re hot. Taking me to the King of the North isn’t as easy as it seems.

My kidnappers realise I have a tracking device signalling enemies and bounty hunters who have classified futuristic weapons and the desire for power.

Through catastrophes and adventures, while chased by villains and freeing slaves, I won’t cease to seek those sacred objects between my protectors’ legs. When my palace was my prison, no one taught me about those masculine objects which enlarge when aroused.

But now I’m free, I can control. I’m seductive, sensual, and self-assured. I’m Celesti. But who are these three men I wish to own?

A Jerjen spy with cyborg installations, ninja fighting skills, and a body to drool over.

Chul. -A burly Mulhad doctor, with a kind heart and an enormous #*$@.

Mohd. -A pilot and inventor with reflective amber eyes, phosphorescent skin, and a crazy genius mind: Arew.

Things get hot and steamy with more than one of these men. When I get a taster, I wish for more and more. Why choose? I’m twenty-three and free.


He’s as sexy as hell. His dark eyes make me squirm, and I rub my vagina, slowly at first, then quicker. I’m soaked down there. My breasts need to press against a chest. That chest might have Arew’s golden hair and phosphorescent skin, Mohd’s bulky and compact red muscles, or Chul’s honey-coloured ripples, trained in ninja skills and acrobats.

I want to sweat against one. I desire kissing and being kissed. I wish for their rods inside me. Not all at once, of course. 

I squirm and giggle when I imagine all three penises touching me at the same time—red, brown, and yellow. I’m not sure whether I’d like that. I laugh out loud.

Those mystical objects between their legs. My fingers are small and predictable, and I require something larger and firmer. 

I need to celebrate my life and health. I imagine running through flowery meadows with Arew, climbing mountains with Chul, and swimming in the ocean with Mohd.

Prince Sizhut is an evil bastard, so I want my three protectors to love me and show it. What did Mohd call them? Penises. Those members which are so lengthy and stiff. 

No one ever explained to me before. Continuous surveillance didn’t benefit me. That evil bastard with midnight blue skin had a long hard penis, and he was going to push it inside of me. 

A shiver travels up my spine, nausea churns in my belly.

But my hero, Chul, slaughtered him. I’m heated with anticipation. But what if they all refuse me? Mohd certainly hasn’t rushed back for more.

My shoulders drop. I’ve never heard of a woman having over multiple partners. It’s not fair. Father has heaps of concubines, yet Mother must remain chaste while he loves them all. 

Chul said he loves me. 

Arew declared I was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. 

Mohd said I was hot.

I don’t have a clue what will happen once we reach the north, but I must live for the moment and enjoy my freedom.


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