Tiffany Keyes is the one of the best problem-solvers the Union has ever had. They send her all over the universe to handle disruptions any way she sees fit. She hates them but it isn’t like she has a lot of options and she’s determined not to end her life the same way she started it: in the dead zone.

When she arrives on what is not affectionately referred to as Planet Cat to deal with the notoriously isolationist lion shifters she has heard nothing good about, she finds herself in a situation she’s never been in before—the leaders of the planet are absolutely certain she’s their mate.

They are strong, difficult, and in charge of an entire planet. Now, they have no intention of letting her go until they’ve convinced her that what they can scent is real. She is theirs. But Tiffany knows nothing in her life goes that simply. She can’t be their mate, she’s not one of their species. This can’t be real. Only it is starting to feel that way. More and more every day.
Tiffany is used to complications but this might be one even she can’t solve. She might have to just go for it. And damn the consequences.


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