An evil vampire is out for Grace’s blood. Literally. Every single drop.

But all vampires can’t be bad. After all, there are three, hot chivalrous ones who want to be her savior.

Phillipe, dark and foreboding with an air of anger that melts at just the right moment. Matis, with piercing blue eyes who sees directly into Grace’s soul. Andre, questioning everything, including the intentions of his two best friends.

They appear to be the opposite of the wicked one that’s chasing her. But isn’t a vampire a vampire, whether he’s clad in an Armani suit or dungarees? Or naked?

Maybe Grace is only attracted to them because she needs their protection. Perhaps it’s not the best idea to jump into the arms of three, hot vampy lovers in order to escape from an even greater threat.

But how can Grace protect herself? Maybe she doesn’t need to.



After what happened with Eliott, I need her to feel safe. I’m so angry that monster even touched her, and my brothers will have to talk me out of killing him for it. Even though Phillipe is the one with the temper, I’ve never felt so protective of anyone, and I want that prick to pay.

She leans in for another kiss, wiping the thought from my mind. The grinding of her pussy against my cock is almost too much. But I don’t move. She needs to be in complete control. Her mouth is so light and tender, her lips soft against my own. Her tongue, which was tentative at first, is now passionate and firm. Her little nibbles drive me insane. When she pulls back out for a soft kiss, I catch her gaze. The intensity with which she looks at me is overwhelming. It’s as if she can see all my suffering for the past two hundred years.

She sees me, and she understands me. I’ve never been enamored with a female before, let alone a human. I may be the nicest of my brothers, but I’m still avoidant when it comes to relationships.

“Where did you go?” She leans in to lightly kiss one of my cheeks and then the other.

“I’m here, with you.” My cock pulses at that moment to let her know I speak the truth.

She smiles and leans in close, whispering in my ear. “I want you to lead now. I want you to take me.”

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