When your world becomes a ticking time-bomb, you might as well time the explosion to inflict maximum damage.


The real challenge comes in the aftermath, when you’re forced to face everything you lost in order to survive. Uniting multiple packs is impossible enough with their constant fighting, and now Damian, Hunter, and Kaige expect me to get the Slaughters on our side? To dethrone a man that already survived death at their hands once?

I’m no one’s salvation, I’m their ruin.

All that I inspire in these men is the desire to throw what remains of their souls onto the pyre, forcing me to helplessly watch as all of our lives go up in flames. Maybe this is part of my curse, maybe they’re just as broken as I am, but the one thing I’m certain of? Either we come together, or we’ll be ripped apart; in every sense of the words.

I have no idea what to expect when we get to murder mountain, but the silver lining that comes from being broken? I get to construct someone new out of the pieces. The monster prowling beneath my flesh embraces her jagged edges, and isn’t afraid to reduce anyone who’d dare take what’s ours to smoke and ash.

We’re hellfire and damnation wrapped in a pretty little package. And we’re done running.


What the hell do they even do while I’m… otherwise occupied? Stand around jacking off while watching me get railed? Line up and wait patiently to swap out after one finishes? 

This is going to be super awkward for everyone involved. 

“You’re going to go out there and soak up all of the benefits of having multiple mates that will fight over the privilege of eating you out,” I tell the mirror, hoping some of the projected confidence bounces back to me. “It’s their problem to figure out what to do with their dicks until it’s time to hop on the train; my job is suffering through countless orgasms. It may just kill me, but damn, what a headline for my obituary. I’ve got this.”

I’m never going to be able to walk again.


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